About Me

I'm a undergraduate student at Staffordshire University studying Games Programming, I'm currently in my first year and I am really enjoying my time so far in University. As a programmer I'm studying the fundamentals of how games are made and I have a strong interest in Computer Science in general. I try my hardest to show that I'm a highly adaptable and conscientious person who can demonstrate a keen eye for detail. I also try my hardest to demonstrate that I have the confidence and maturity to adapt to different situations in academic, personal and professional environments. I commit myself strongly to complete a job to a high standard and within a timely manner.

One of my main and most predictable interests is games. One of my favourite games is Space Station 13, this game truly inspired me into learning how games work. I already had a interest in computing at the time and being able to access the code of the game is what sparked me off into learning programming. I learnt so much because of this game that I branched off into learning C#, which lead me to decide to be a games programmer after messing around with Unity. I decided to make it a career path because of this.

I don't just only program games, I'm really into technology and learning about new technology. I enjoy building, and designing computers. One of my most recent project is making a 3D printed computer based off of a model I found on Thingiverse. 3D printing is another hobby of mine. I enjoy modding 3D printers and trying to upgrade them the best I can to create interesting parts with, I'm hoping in the future I'm able to migrate 3D printing into some of my projects as I've been trying make use of my CAD skills.

I'm constantly trying to learn and try new things as much as I can. Trying to explain what I would like to learn and try in the future can be a long, tiring and boring list. However, I'd like to start getting more hobbies which isn't related to technology or games, such as gardening. I think that having a wide range of hobbies from different subjects helps improve me as an individual to be able to learn new things and keep my mind fresh, if I stick to the same hobby constantly, it can easily be mentally exhausting, especially in an industry where you're constantly programming.