Pacman in SFML

Pacman made in SFML, still being worked on. This is my first project I've done in C++ and it truly allowed me to spread my wings from being stuck on my own knowledge, it's my first actual challenge I've been assigned and it felt really fun making this, even though it's not complete yet to how I want it, I really enjoyed developing solutions to issues I've never had before. I actually learnt a lot from this project unlike my other scrapped projects, this one really taught me how to optimise and design my projects more in an object-oriented way.

Some things I wish I could do better on this and I don't intend to remake is having a better texture management system, perhaps have a object which manages textures for each entity.

Soon I'll update this page on a more complete version of my project, this is just a page showing that my prototype exists! More to come soon!